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Hout Bay International School is more than a school – it is a community of diverse individuals and families, a centre for academic excellence, for some a home away from home and yet more importantly a family for all those that are part of it. Few schools can boast that they belong to two international organisations spanning across almost every continent of the globe. The first being International Education Systems (IES), a family of international schools committed to quality educational experiences for all who attend and, second, the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), renowned for its high quality and rigorous academic programme.

Our School is as diverse as the location in which it finds itself, our commitment to highlighting social injustice, the celebration of differences and the fostering of international mindedness goes beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to ‘think outside the box’, ‘have a voice’ and engage on pertinent topics daily. From Early Years through to the International Baccalaureate Diploma, students, staff and parents are part of a learning community that seeks to encourage awareness of the wider world. They have a sense of their own role as global citizens, who respect and value diversity, who have an understanding of how the world works and who take responsibility for their actions.

We are proudly South African, embodying an International mindset, where the spirit of ‘ubuntu’– the idea that humanity is bound together and expressed by caring for each other – can be seen and felt. The teachers genuinely care for their students and love practicing their craft. The students genuinely love learning and are encouraged to become life-long learners.

And so I wish to say welcome to HBIS, may your time here be a worthwhile and life changing experience.

Grant Ruskovich



  • From the Principal’s Desk – 26 April, 2017
    Dear Parents, Last night we held our new and improved International Diversity Evening which replaced the old Cultural Evening our High School students used to participate in each Term 2. What a wonderful celebration of cultural diversity and student talent....
  • From the Principal’s Desk – 20 April, 2017
    Dear Parents, With much excitement on Tuesday this week, Mrs Baxter officially opened the 2017 Primary School Book Week. The joy and excitement on the faces of the students was palpable as they were shown to each of their classrooms,...
  • Issue 13 – 20 April, 2017
    Issue 13 – 20 April, 2017...
  • From the Principal’s Desk – 13 April, 2017
    Dear Parents, I wanted to share with the entire parent body a summary of my speech given at the IGCSE Prizegiving yesterday. An article in the Huffington post highlighted numerous life lessons, we can all do with reminding sometimes as...
  • Issue 12 – 13 April, 2017
    Issue 12 – 13 April, 2017...
  • Issue 11 – 07 April, 2017
    Issue 11 – 07 April, 2017...


    Every year, SEK and IES students gather to enjoy a week of sports or cultural activities. The event takes place in one of the countries where there is an SEK or IES school. This year, there will be a Cultural InterSek, hosted by SEK Ecuador School, in the city of Quito.

    For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the person in charge of International Programs at your school.

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