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Cool To Be Me

On Tuesday evening we hosted Linda Bruce, the founder of the Cool to Be Me programme that we have implemented from PYP 1 – 6. Linda is passionate about the importance of Social-Emotional Literacy... read more

The Learner Profile

At the heart of an International Baccalaureate education is the IB Learner Profile; a set of 10 characteristics every IB school wants to instill in their students. These characteristics are embedded in the IB... read more

Standard vs Higher Level in Diploma Courses

What is the difference between Standard and Higher Level in Diploma Courses?A question we are asked often is: What is the difference between Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) in the Diploma courses?... read more

Valedictory Service 2015

We would like to congratulate our IBDP Class of 2015, who though being a class of only 10 students have had fantastic academic success.  Special mention must go to Benjamin Rideout who as well... read more

ESKOM Science Expo

What a privilege it is to accompany our school’s budding young scientists each year to the ESKOM Science Expo! I so appreciate their hard work in preparing their projects and their enthusiasm for both... read more

Entrepreneur Week

Entrepreneur Week

Last week saw the introduction of our first Entrepreneur Week.  The children were exposed to many different activities during the week that gave them some insight into the world of ‘entrepreneurship’.The PYP 1,... read more