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From the Principal’s Desk – 01 September, 2016

Dear Parents,"Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well" - John W GardinerSuch a small word but boy does it have high expectations. Yesterday afternoon while rehearsing with the High School students in preparation for... read more

From the Principal’s Desk – 11 August, 2016

Dear Parents,What an interesting last week our country has seen. From the municipal elections which proved that our young democracy is most definitely vibrant and maturing, to the commencement of the Olympic Games in... read more

From the Principal’s Desk – 14 July, 2016

Dear Parents,Next Monday, 18 July, the entire globe will celebrate the birthday of one of humanity's greatest sons - "Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela". Mandela Day (as it is known worldwide) is an internationally celebrated event... read more