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From the Principal’s Desk – 11 May, 2017

Dear Parents,This week, members of the Senior Management Team (SMT) and I, attended an Apple training course relating to the Strategic Planning of Information Technology for schools. It was an interesting couple of hours... read more

From the Principal’s Desk – 13 April, 2017

Dear Parents,I wanted to share with the entire parent body a summary of my speech given at the IGCSE Prizegiving yesterday. An article in the Huffington post highlighted numerous life lessons, we can all... read more

From the Principal’s Desk – 13 October, 2016

Dear Parents,Last night our IGCSE1 Business Studies students participated in the annual Dragons' Den competition held at HBIS. The event is based on the popular BBC show, "Dragons' Den", where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their... read more

Entrepreneur Week


During Entrepreneurship week in PYP 3, the students worked in PYP3 1groups to create their very own restaurant menu! They had to plan a three course meal... read more

From the Principal’s Desk – 02 June 2016

Dear Parents,I came across the following quote last week and when I saw the success on Friday afternoon of our girls Primary School Football team winning 3-0 against our neighbour Kronendal Primary, I could... read more