Quality Assurance

International Baccalaureate PYP Programme Evaluation

In order to carry the title ‘an IB World School’, every five years the International Baccalaureate Organisation requires a thorough whole-school assessment. The process takes place in two phases: the first is a year-long self-study of every aspect of the school and the second is an on-site visit from a team from the International Baccalaureate Organisation. In 2013 the Primary School underwent its Programme Evaluation.

The full report is attached. This has provided the school with some very positive feedback in terms of the quality of teaching and learning and the nature and effectiveness of assessment.  The resources available were found to be more than adequate, with the exception of the library, which has since been renovated and relocated. A librarian has been appointed. It is now functioning as a vibrant centre for research and learning. The evaluation document gives us valuable information to plan for the future.

In the High School we have started the self – study in preparation for a Diploma Programme Evaulation in 2015.

RO Response PYP Hout Bay April 2013