From the Principal’s Desk – 26 April, 2017

Dear Parents,

Last night we held our new and improved International Diversity Evening which replaced the old Cultural Evening our High School students used to participate in each Term 2. What a wonderful celebration of cultural diversity and student talent.

I am always blown away when you get to catch a glimpse of some of the additional talents that our students have that are not always on display during regular school hours. The ability to play a violin or piano, to sing a song in a foreign language or to move and groove expressing oneself through the medium of dance is something that one can never get tired of seeing. From the various group dances from Greece, India, South Africa and Latin America, to the plethora of songs from around the world including Imaad’s amazing rendition of a traditional Arabic song – I was proud to be part of the diverse community that is Hout Bay International School!

I also want to pay homage to the IGCSE 2 Business Studies class who planned, budgeted, bought, prepared and presented the various meals on display for all to enjoy. It was wonderful to see them really understand what it means to put something together for a crowd and on top of that have to make it work because failing was simply not an option! The students were a little frazzled and tired afterwards BUT their sense of achievement, having followed through on this challenging task of catering for the community is something I wish to applaud.

And last but most certainly not least I wish to acknowledge the various staff members who pushed, pulled, encouraged and mentored the various students to pull off what they did – without you our students would not have had the opportunity to excel and shine in the manner that they did! My sincere appreciation and thanks to each and every one of you – you do what you do because you love the students and want to see them enjoy putting themselves out there and sharing their talents.

And so we look forward to the 2018 International Diversity Evening with high hopes and expectations. Until next year…..


Grant Ruskovich