From the Principal’s Desk – 20 July, 2017

Dear Parents,

‘Everybody Can Be Great, Because Anybody Can Serve’

This quote from Dr Martin Luther King may be the defining quote in today’s community service movement. A key cornerstone of the IBO’s core educational philosophy is the concept of Service which is embodied in the CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service). According to the IBO, Service is defined as “an unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit for the student. Something in which the rights, dignity and autonomy of all those involved are respected”.

Few people truly understand the real significance of the role of CAS for a student; the concept of “CAS enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development by learning through experience. It provides opportunities for self-determination and collaboration with others, fostering a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment from their work. At the same time, CAS is an important counterbalance to the academic pressures of the DP”.

As an IB world school, HBIS is committed to supporting our students embrace the concept of CAS and in particular the important focus on Service – beyond the personal benefits that may derive from serving and helping others, it is important that a school like ours, located in a place like Hout Bay, must be a change agent in the community. To remain behind these beautiful white walls and not be aware of the needs of our community and attempt to make a difference is something that just cannot be allowed in 2017.

I was incredibly proud of all our staff and students who this week worked hard to make a difference and serve our community by getting involved in various activities dedicated to the 67 minute challenge that has become a worldwide phenomenon honouring Nelson Mandela’s legacy. From making soup and crunchies for firemen and staff, to learning to knit for blankets needed for the underprivileged to clean ups along our fence and the river and of course the various visits to play schools – each and every member of HBIS was involved in some way.

Thank you to you all for catching the fire and for making a difference – there will always be something to do and someone to help and if we can all make serving others a way of life, then we can all be great in one way or another. At the end of the day it is simply a choice to want to help those less fortunate. I hope that we as a school community can continue to be involved in the many wonderful ways that each of us serve – I know this to be true as that is the kind of school we are!

Kind regards,

Grant Ruskovich